"Jplay delivers greater transparency, more detail and with greater coherence than other apps. Producing soundscapes that really escape the speakers and have a vivid realism that is not easy to achieve with streamed audio"

"JPLAY for iOS and iPadOS is the app I've wanted forever. A UPnP control point that makes me want to browse the music collection I've built over several decades and listen to that collection without thinking about the nuts and bolts of how it works. "

"JPLAY iOS is the best app I've used so far for audio solutions based on the UPnP standard. With the successful integration of Qobuz and TIDAL as well as local content under a uniform user interface, the app sets the standard in this environment against which other apps must be measured. A unique selling point is the possibility to limit the network traffic of the app to the inevitable minimum for the best possible sound."

"Whereas most non-Roon apps make the user give up a lot of convenient functionality, JPLAY combines Qobuz, Tidal, and local content in a single, richly-populated interface while also offering features that you don’t often see outside of Roon"

"The advantage of the JPLAY playback software is that it gives you more latitude than the other softwares of its kind in marrying Qobuz and your personal music library.
 As far as Qobuz integration is concerned, it borders on perfection. We’ve rarely seen this done so seamlessly"